Essay about The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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Throughout the play, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams there are many similarities to his real life. Many characters share various similarities to William;’s and his family. Many of the themes that are evident throughout the play are expressions of the way Williams felt about a lot of things. There are many similarities between the characters and those in William’s family and many of these similarities show us how Williams’ felt about these people, especially his sister.
The character of Laura has many similarities of Williams’s real sister Rose. "I 'm---crippled"(Williams 17). Laura is crippled in her leg while Tennessee Williams 's real sisters "cripple" was her mental illness. They both are disabled in a way and through Laura’s leg brace he is comparing Laura to his real sister though Laura’s disability is physical while Rose’s was entirely mental. Later that year Rose was institutionalized, when, according to her brother Dakin, she became "like a wild animal," till their mother authorized one of the first frontal lobotomy operations in America, rendering Rose "a mental vegetable." (parker 129). His real life sister was stuck inside her own little world because of her mental state and the lobotomy left her stuck there, like laura was stuck in her own world with her glass menagerie. “His maternal grandfather was an Episcopal rector, apparently a rather liberal and progressive individual. Even though there are several portraits of the clergy in Williams’ later…

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