The Generations : How Different Generations Use Technology Essay

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The Generations: How different Generations use technology
When I was younger, I remember playing outside and knowing all the kids in my neighborhood. We Played all types of games from hop scotch to jump roping to hide and go seek. Those days that I spent playing outside were memorial one , unlike the time I spent inside watching T.V. As I continue to get older, I see the younger generation with all types of electronics and only knowing app games on their Ipad or tablet. My parents always say how grateful we should be, because when they were growing up they didn’t have any of this technology. Technology is the biggest change that I have recognized throughout these last years. For centuries, technology has continued to develop and now it has more of an impact in today’s generation. My dad told me that he remembers when he was 26 years old and the first cell phone came out. People where walking around with a big box shaped device next to their ear and a big antenna coming out of the phone. This cell phones started at 4,000 dollars only those who where rich would have these phones. We look at today where we have smart phones with the ability to do more than just make a phone call. Cell phones are more affordable meaning most of the younger kids have cells phones now. Thinking back to when I was in the eighth grade I got my first cell phone, as for my younger sibling; they got their cell phones when they were in the sixth grade. With all the technology that a cell phone have…

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