The First Role Wom A Sexual Nature And Its Defined By A Broad Category

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The second role woman have portrayed throughout history is of a sexual nature and its defined by a broad category. Characters like Pearl in Bliss and Elizabeth Rousset in Boule de Suif , show woman in a more exotic state that appeal to the male gender. This role can be labeled as the other woman or the mistress and any woman of a certain age who isn 't claimed by marriage falls under this stereotype. The other woman is solemnly defined by judgment of both woman and men; Woman are taught to disrespect them while men adore them for only sexual reasons. Joan Holloway is s prime examples of woman being portrayed as a sex object. Like Pearl, she has caught the attention of many superior male figures because of her looks. She has engaged in premarital sex with married men because her sexuality has not been suppressed by martial status. They both strive a sexual creatures and find sex to be satisfying. Unlike a housewife, Joan and Pearl have their own independent identify established because of their sexuality, but it’s that identity that cripples them, making it more difficult to obtain social norms of a husband and children. Joan is more sexually experienced and uses that to her advantage. She genuinely wants to be a wife and mother, but her necessity to be independent and use her physique has tarnished her ability to find a suitable mate. She isn’t looking for a husband, she’s looking for happiness, and unlike Betty or Bertha she finds that being a housewife, she wants to…

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