Essay on The Financial Crisis Of The United States

1089 Words Nov 26th, 2014 null Page
The 2008 Financial Crisis experienced in the United States caused many families in the United States into a state of Financial shock. Beginning in Financial Markets in the United States and spreading around the world, the crisis ended up in the hands of homeowners in the United States. These homeowners lost jobs, savings and lastly their homes during the crisis and the years that followed. By fast-forwarding into the year 2014 we see the tragedy story changing, as the housing market in the United States changes and evolves into a growing opportunity, especially for these foreclosure victims.

In order to understand the opportunity of the market, which was once left in ruins, we must understand the general logic behind the state of the market. As the famous saying by Baron Rothschild goes, “The time to buy is when there 's blood in the streets”. It is a bit ironic that a quote from a banker be placed in a paper speaking about the financial crisis, but the reality is that this quote can be used to describe exactly the state of the current housing market. As we all know the years that followed 2008, served as the aftershock leading to foreclosures and bankruptcies, but the reality, which is lived in the 2014 housing market, is very different. These post foreclosure victims are now able to jump back into the purchase of homes and enjoy a larger capital gain on the investment then they would have years ago, and in some cases more than they had on their original homes.


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