Essay The Financial Crisis Of 2008-2009

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People of the middle class in the economy have many similar aspirations. Those aspirations are to earn enough money to purchase their own home, put away enough money to fund their retirement, help fund their children 's college education funds, and to even squeeze in a family trip or two during the year. But unfortunately with the impact of the Financial Crisis of 2008-2009, many families considered to be in the middle class and lower suffered significantly in a financial aspect. The impact of this crisis and the following years after the recession has greatly changed the way people look at the dollar and try to figure out how to stretch it 's worth to meet specific needs and goals in this economy. The people to be considered in this class are not just only worried about how to make the value of their money stretch in the difficult economic situation, but also worry of if getting a higher education through college is even worth the tuition costs based on the amount of jobs there are available after graduation. But it does not stop there, people are also struggling to simply make enough to simply pay their bills on time and avoid going further into debt. According to Tim Mullaney 's article, 2000s hardest on middle class, "Just over half of middle-class people surveyed by Pew say that it will take five years or longer to get back to where they were before the 2008 financial crisis -- or that they never will" (Mullaney, n.d.). This statement raises concerns that the…

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