Essay about The Film Smoke Signals By Sherman Alexie

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Throughout United States History, the film industry has misrepresented many Indigenous nations by degrading them with stereotypes. However, there have been films that reshape Indigenous images on film by representing Indigenous epistemologies. Three significant films are The Business of Fancy Dancing, Smoke Signals, and Rabbit Proof Fence. All of these films engage in Native Tradition of storytelling and the understandings of family and community. The film Smoke Signals was written by Sherman Alexie, who is a Native American film maker. Over the years, most films involving Native people were written by non-natives which lead to the misrepresentation of Native Americans in films, they based their Native characters off just stereotypes and myths. Not only is this film written by a Native but it is also directed, produced and acted by all Native Americans which makes the film more relatable and true to Native American roots. Sherman Alexie uses storytelling in this film to show Thomas and Victors past and for Native Americans, storytelling is a big part of their culture. Therefore, storytelling was a significant part of the film because it showed how Native Americans spread their wisdom and how it brought their people together. In Wiping the War Paint off the Lens: Native American Film and Video, Beverly Singer states “When I watch a Native-produced film or video, I strongly identify with stories that reconnect me with the Native community particularly those that demonstrate…

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