The Importance Of Jewish Migration To America

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The article “The exodus from Russia” focuses on the migration of Jewish people to America and the way they lived their life. Before their migration, they were seen as an odd group of people in Russia. Even the government planned on creating violence against the Jews. They were prohibited from owning land. The Russians killed many Jewish people thereby destroying their shops and other businesses. They were forced to leave. During World War I, some Jewish people migrated to America. They expected America as the best place to live in which could provide more wages and better life. For example, they could earn the double wage they earn in Russia. Therefore, all the Jewish people wanted to go to America.
Many Jewish women dreamed of going there,
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Their arrival to America was at the right time that many of them worked at garment industries in New York. Thereby the men’s and women’s garment factories increased to high numbers. Later, they became contractors and manufacturers. Whenever the women worked in the factories, they were assigned to work nonstop. They only had about 30 minutes for lunch then again continue the work. Many of them smoked and drank beer when they worked. Even if an accident occurred such as if a needle gets stuck in their fingers, they had to bind that finger with cotton and then continue the work. They worked for almost 15 hours. Most of these workers were women. They already knew sewing before migrating to America as most of the families sent their young women learn some skills. They were supposed to start real work at the age of sixteen but still some girls worked when they were thirteen or fourteen. Their work environment was very difficult. The number of workers was too much that had to sit too close. On March 29, 1911, a fire exploded at the workplace where it killed 146 women. But two years before this incident, those people conducted certain strikes for less hours of work and overtime pay in which they were …show more content…
In order to become American, they figured putting on the right clothes and speaking English were important. They even changed their Russian names to American names. Finally, they wanted to take part in business to become American. Later on during the 1920’s, 72 percent of Jews living in New York rose from 54 to 72 percent.
In my opinion, the way Jews lived in America was far better than how blacks were. Jews moved here with certain skills and education in hand. They also became contractors. On the other hand, the blacks were captured and used as slaves for their entire life. It can be argued that if at least some of the blacks were educated, then their suffering would have been lesser. The blacks never had any access to any

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