The Evolution Of Human Evolution Essay

792 Words Dec 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Who would of know that the discovery of a small fragment of a human cranium parietal bone would be so controversial to the understanding of human evolution? Even though we had already found human ancestral remains that contributed to the thoughts of modern humans this new piece of the puzzle created a ripple not only in the way schools were taught but also the way humans saw religion. But it wasn’t till the connection between primates and humans that flipped the world upside down. This discovery posed a conflict with the biblical timeline that most religions believe in; do we suddenly change our perfectly created understanding of the way we were created just because a small piece of what may be human remains while stifling the growth of science or do we try to better our understanding of human creation. During this time, we were used to teaching religious beliefs this being the biblical timeline this little discovery that contradicts these beliefs now talks about the evolution of primates to humans this was a huge controversy of what we wanted our students to believe in. Especially for parents, this would not only affect new scientific discoveries but also intervene in the religious beliefs of students which wasn 't something parent really wanted. This then leads to the controversy of academic freedom which was intended to deal with laws that prohibit the teaching of evolution. The ACLU at the time wanted to offer free assistance to those who supported the rights of…

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