Essay about The Ethics Of The World And Globalization

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Peter Singer is on of the world’s most influential philosophers. Peter Singer’s book, One World, is about the ethics of the world and globalization. Throughout the book, Singer brings up different examples of what is going on in the world, and what we are doing wrong. For instance, there was more funding for 9/11 victims over funding for poor families across the world. There are four dilemmas Singer talks about in his book, and the ethical solutions to these dilemmas. The four dilemmas are the atmosphere, the economy, the law, and the community.
The major dilemma with the atmosphere is how to regulate the pollution levels and other issues affecting the atmosphere. Major effects will happen if things do not change, but who is to blame? Singer gives four different solutions to lower pollution levels. The first principle is the polluter pays where the countries pays for the amount of emissions. Singer compares this to a global sink. The second solution is the time slice principle where the countries will wipe their slates clean and start from 1990s. The third solution is an equal share for everyone where each country is allowed the same amount of per capita emissions. The countries would come up with a number and compare that to where they are at now. The fourth solution is aiding the worst-off. Singer’s proposal is to have global emissions trading with a limit. In other words, each country has a set amount they are allowed, going over will cost them. Going below the limit,…

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