The Electronic Health Records ( Ehr ) Essay

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Today many healthcare organizations face challenges regarding the maintenance of documentation integrity in their electronic healthcare records (EHR). Accuracy in documentation is critical for a healthcare organization as it seeks to provide high-quality care for its patients. An electronic health record (EHR), as well as current health information technology (HIT) is important to a healthcare organization in order to provide care that is efficient and safer for its patients. Through accurately completing health records, implementing policies and procedures, and putting safeguards into place within the healthcare organization can improve data integrity in the electronic health records (EHR) system while helping the healthcare organization achieve the goal of streamlining the documentation process. Documentation, according to Segen’s Medical Dictionary, is defined as, “All records in any form—including written, electronic, magnetic and optical, scans, X-rays, EKGs, etc.—that describe or record the methods, conduct and/or results of a clinical trial, the factors affecting the study, and any actions taken during the trial’s performance.” The electronic health record (EHR) systems benefit healthcare organizations by allowing the use of electronic documentation. Electronic documentation in a healthcare organization is key to improving workflow processes. By using electronic documentation, healthcare organizations can eliminate duplicate documentation and redundancies,…

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