Essay about The Election Of The 1960 Election

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The 1960 Presidential election was one of the closest elections in history. The two candidates who were striving for the presidency were Vice President Richard M. Nixon and your brother, Sen. John F. Kennedy. This was also a very grueling campaign from the primaries all the way to the November election. Throughout the election season there are many issues that are brought up, both international and domestic issues and issues with each of the candidates. In this memo I will talk about the 1960 election and show you the reasons why John F. Kennedy won and the issues which dominated the campaign. The first issue that was brought up was age and experience of the two candidates. Supporters of Nixon thought that he has been best fit, because he had experience as a senator from California and that he has also been the Vice President of the United States for eight years under President Eisenhower. Vice President Nixon was more well known than his counterpart the upcoming John Kennedy. Kennedy was the youngest President to be elected at age 43 and he was just a Junior Senator from Massachusetts. Another issue that dominated the campaign for a while was Kennedy’s religious views. Kennedy was the first Catholic that was elected President, although he was not the first Catholic to run. In 1928, Governor Al Smith of New York was the democratic nominee. He could have won the election, but he lost because he was Catholic. Although Catholic and mostly women supported him there was a…

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