The Effects Of Surface Water On The Earth Essay

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Surface water is the water on the surface of the planet at the water-atmosphere boundary. This includes, streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Often drinking water is taken from lakes and rivers, and with healthier water systems comes a healthier food chain. This is because all animals and plants depend upon the water on the earth. There is a connection between the changes in fish habitations and the composition of species in these habitats (Komatsu, Fukushima, and Harasawa, 2007), and healthy water systems. Biodiversity is threatened by the changes happening in climates, largely with loss of ideal habitats. With rising sea levels and temperatures, relocation of plants, animals, and humans will be forced, and migration will be necessary for survival. Increased temperature due to global warming leads to the concentration increase of dissolved substances other than oxygen, and an influx of species into the warmer environment (Delpla et. al, 2009). Therefore, there may not be enough oxygen in the water systems to support and sustain the species that are present. When there are too many bacteria or aquatic animals in a section of a body of water, they may overpopulate, using dissolved oxygen in greater amounts. In addition, this warmer climate will create increased nutrient loads in surface and ground water, which is associated with invading pests (Murdoch, Baron, and Miller, 2000). The main impacts of climate change on water quality for fresh surface water are increased dissolved…

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