Essay about The Effect Of World War I

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At the beginning of the 1920s, the United States was still in recovery from the effects of World War I. People wanted to forget the devastation of the Great War and just have fun. The entire decade was filled with experiences of exciting social change and intense cultural conflict. Popular culture roared into life and the economy boomed. New technologies lead to innovation, soaring profits lead to affluence, and higher wages lead to a culture of consumerism. The majority of Americans experienced prosperity, thus generating an increase in spending and the enjoyment of leisure and entertainment. Radio broadcast, cinemas and live music venues flourished along with the growth of local towns into small cities. But unfortunately for some citizens, the United States was changing in unfavorable ways. Issues with foreign immigration, evolution, the Ku Klux Klan, prohibition, race, and women’s roles, created a decade of bitter cultural clashes, pitting compatriot against immigrant, religious liberal against fundamentalist, blacks against whites, and rural rancher against urban socialite. However, it should be stated, the intent of both the final project and this paper is to focus on only a few of the social and cultural changes that best represent the revolution of morals and manners from those of the preceding Victorian era.
Prohibition was a constitutional ban on the importation, sale, and production of alcoholic beverages. It was not a ban on consumption. In fact, for nearly 100…

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