The Effect Of A Car Oil On Your Vehicle Essay example

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Four paragraph outline
In this essay I will talk about how to properly change the car oil in your vehicle. To start off this is a process that may be time consuming depending on what type of car the work is being done on. Now there are a few steps which I will list 1) first check the car oil and oil filter type. 2) Go out to the automotive store and get the correct oil and oil filter be sure to refer back to your cars manual. 3) Get yourself a foot pound wrench with a standard 14 mm socket. 4) Get an oil drain pan. 5) Get under your vehicle and check for a rectangular pan. 6) Place oil drain pan under the rectangular pan and loosen the bolt and Let oil drain for about 15 min. 8) Change the oil filter. 9) Open the labeled cap on the engine and pour new oil in. 10) close the cap and let engine run; Check engine oil level and add oil if needed. Now out of all the steps listed above there are two important ones I will explain with detail.

Step 6
When draining the oil your car manual should be helpful to look at; open the booklet and under maintenance check for the oil change section, it will be apparent that you will need an oil drain pan so get one at any local automotive store as well as a foot pound wrench. Now you want to look in the same booklet again and check for what bolt size is on the rectangular pan under your car that contains that black gold (oil) once you’ve found out what size it is get the foot pound wrench and place the bolt on the tip of the wrench also get…

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