Essay on The Economic Structure Of The Middle Class

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Throughout U.S history, socio-economic classes have been established to categorize our place in society. The lower, middle, and upper class, make up the socio-economic structure of the American people. The social system groups people according to wealth, income, education, social network and other factors. Many different models have been proposed to characterize people’s social class, though the U.S most commonly uses the simple three class structure. The middle class, the social group between the upper and working classes, including professional workers, small business owners, and low-level managers; is essential to a thriving economy and successful democracy (Social Class, n.d). Aristotle, one of the most famous philosophers believed that a struggling middle class results in a poor democracy. With economic hardships often occurring throughout the past, as well as great achievements, America’s middle class has fluctuated from a tight squeeze to a thriving percentage. However, today America’s middle class is falling and politicians are failing to pick it back up. Some solutions have been proposed to fix today’s middle class problem, yet wealthy politicians make it difficult when they care more about power and money, rather than building a vibrant democracy and stable economy (Why Inequality Matters, 2015). The United States’ weak middle class is controversially one of the top reasons America suffers from a stifling economy and unfair legislative decisions. The bourgeois…

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