The Dichotomy Produced By The American Binary Political System

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The dichotomy produced by the American binary political system has provided for some interesting civil discourse. One of the more popular topics is of course the debate on how much people should care about protecting Earth 's environments. Current opinions on this matter exist in a continuum. The majority of those who believe that global warming is a real threat would say that it is a duty of Earth 's residents to work toward minimizing environmental degradation. The remainder, for nihilist reasons or otherwise, would feel no obligation to any sort of environmental sustainability cause. However, an overwhelming majority of those living in America recognize the authority of society and the Federal government. Majority rule in both of these bodies has decided that the environment is indeed at risk and that people need to work to maintain it. It follows immediately that James
Liang, a Volkswagen engineer who helped build and deploy defeat device software meant to lessen harmful emissions to a legal limit only during formal tests would seem to have acted immorally in this case by most Americans. However, a case for the opposing view can still be made. Those in support of Liang might argue that he was just fulfilling his professional duty to maximize sales or that Volkswagen 's cheating on emissions tests is of negligible signi ficance. Rather than defer to the judgment of either of these groups in deciding Liang 's and Volkswagen 's culpability, we examine their actions under…

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