“the Destructors” and “the Lottery” Fiction Essay

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“The Destructors” and “The Lottery” Fiction Essay


Some may say that we are, as human beings, a violent people by nature. We see it in our own history of wars and genocide that the violence in us can grow to extreme proportions. These two stories, “The Destructors” by Graham Greene, and “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, show us that some of the violence can be brought on by people simply following blindly. Whether we look at the past or the present, these two short stories, show us the mob mentality can be very dangerous. The long dead tradition of “The Lottery” tells of the town people forgetting most of the different parts of the tradition because it takes too long, or is not feasible. The one part they never
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The town people in Jackson’s “The Lottery” are following an old tradition which ends in the senseless murder of one of their own. They keep this going, year after year, regardless of the fact that they all but forgot most of the rituals that used to be done when the lottery came about and the fact that they know about other towns that gave up the lottery tradition all together.
Greene’s “The Destructors” is set in post-World War II England where the boys resided in a war-torn neighborhood called The Wormsley Commons. The boys in the Wormsley Commons gang all grew up here and can see the destructive power of war and poverty. During this era, England was in ruin and suffered huge amounts of damage from bombings by the Germans (Wikipedia, 2015). Greene himself was from Hertfordshire, England and was involved in World War II (Greene, Biography). He was a member of MI-6 (Security Service MI5, 2014), which was the British intelligence service, where he did intelligence work in West Africa for the British government. His life experiences show where he picked up the inspiration for “The Destructors”, and why he chose the location for the story. Greene was writing about a place that he knows well, from his own experiences.
In “The Lottery”, Jackson does not give an exact place where the story takes place. She tells us that the story is set in a small town of 300 people. The date is June 27 and the day is beautiful

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