The Demand For Surgical Services Essay

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The demand for surgical services is growing rapidly, especially with ambulatory and cosmetic procedures. According to data from American Hospital Association perioperative services often contribute 40 percent or more to the hospitals overall revenue. Amazing clinical and technical advances are transforming the way surgeries are performed. To attract both patients and physicians, some hospitals are introducing digital (paperless, wireless, filmless) operating rooms, tele surgery and robotic assistants. New minimally invasive and image-guided surgical techniques offer many patients shorter hospital stays, less pain, faster recovery and fewer complications.
In spite of such advances, challenges remain to ensure patient safety, reduce expenses and streamline workflow. A recent study from the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and the Health Care Advisory Board found that the average operating room runs at only 68 percent capacity. The report also indicated that improvements targeting even one procedure per day per operating room (OR) suite could translate to an additional $4 million to $7 million in annual revenue for the average-sized organization.
The focus of six sigma DMAIC in this case is to improve the quality, throughput and the bottom line in the operating room by targeting areas such as
• Improving first case start times
• Optimizing technologies
• Improving room turnover times
• Ensuring appropriate scheduling
• Improving admissions/registration…

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