The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Equality is something every human wants but cannot get. In America, every born citizen is born with natural rights and is equal. Citizens know that they have natural rights and are born equal due to The Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson is a document proclaiming independence from Great Britain due to the many oppression experiences the American colonists felt. It is supposed to be a national archive that provides equality to every American. Written in 1848 after The Declaration of Independence, using the same format, Elizabeth Stanton wrote the “Declaration of Sentiments”. “The Declaration of Sentiments “is a document that was written in order to show how women were oppressed by men and how women wanted to bring equality to both genders. Something The Declaration of Independence did not do. Both documents, The Declaration of Independence and “The Declaration of Sentiments “, were trying to bring equality. After The Declaration of Independence and “The Declaration of Sentiments , A Vindication of the Rights of Men by Mary Wollstonecraft was a letter written in response to Edmund Burke letter of the French Revolution on how monarchy was not needed. “The Declaration of Sentiments and A Vindication of the Rights of Men both prove that everyone deserves equal rights leaving The Declaration of Independence to question equality. The Declaration of Independence does not promote equality for everyone because different types of people…

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