The Death Penalty Of The United States And Japan Essay

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Death Penalty For centuries the ultimate punishment for crime has been the death penalty and even in the modern day it is still heavily used throughout the world. Societies have used this method of punishment to control crime and satisfy the victim 's family who are mourning. The people’s main concern is they want answers to see whether or not the method is justified and humane. Currently there are over 58 countries that use this method of punishment including the United States and Japan (Parks). The problem that the United States faces when using this method is whether or not they can convince their citizens that this method is allowed by the Constitution. In the United States the death penalty has been used since the 17th century and was influenced by the founding citizens ancestry countries. In the United States’ colonial times the death penalty was used in a variety of crimes; such as stealing, espionage, murder, etc. (Marcaccio 20). The first recorded execution by law enforcement in the United States was Captain George Kendall who was convicted of espionage in Jamestown, Virginia 1608. The first recorded lady killed was Jane Champion in 1612 ("Capital Punishment Timeline"). As timed passed the death penalty was still being used, though the Country 's law enforcement was becoming more advanced by placing criminals in jails and performing trials before the criminal would be killed. This slowed down the death penalty process and caused families of the victims to get…

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