The Death Of The 19th Century Essays

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From the 16th to the 19th century, many poets were born, lived out their lives, and made poetry come alive.. Each famous poet, that we still learn today, stands out with their own style of writing. Thomas Warton, however, wrote pieces using various subjects leaving him a minor poet. Born in the year of 1728 at Basingstoke, in Hampshire, Thomas Warton descended from an ancient family, whose residence was at Beverly, in Yorkshire. He had an ancestor who was knighted in the civil wars for his adherence to Charles I, but by failure of loyalty, the estate of the family was confiscated, and they were unable to maintain the rank of gentry, or nobility. This act was considered “toryism,” a support of the opposite forces. For example, an American favoring the British in the Revolutionary War. Warton was educated under his father,mat Basingstoke, until the year of 1743. His father was fellow of Magdalen college, in Oxford; professor of poetry in that university; and vicar of Basingstoke, in Hants, and of Cobham, in Surrey. Thomas Warton’s first poetical appearance in print has been traced to five eclogues in blank verse, the scenes of which were laid among the shepherds, oppressed by the wars in Germany. They appeared in Pearch 's Supplement to Dodsley 's Collection of Fugitive Pieces, that were then disavowed by Warton in his earlier years. At the age of 16, he was then admitted a commoner of Trinity college, Oxford. Thomas Warton had become a poet at a young age and…

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