The Death Of My Brother Essay

1922 Words Sep 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Death is one of life’s most difficult experiences to endure because everyone experiences death differently. When a loved one dies the grieving process often encompasses the survivors’ entire world and affects their emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and physical aspects of life. In my life I have experienced several deaths my grandparents, friends, a cousin, but the death that has greatly affected my life is the death of my brother, Allen.
Throughout my life my brother was my protector, role model, and my best friend. Although we were nine years apart he never acted like I was unimportant to him. When I was nine he enlisted into the Army and had to leave for boot camp for seven months. At this time I was very sad but he was able to call home every Sunday morning and he always made sure to talk to me the longest. He would ask about how my week was going, if I was having any problems at school, and he never talked about himself or what he was doing. After boot camp he came home, got married, and started a family. Shortly after his wife got pregnant with my nephew, Asher, they moved out of my biological father’s home and lived about two hours away from us. At this time I had just turned ten and I was devastated I begged him not to leave me and was so upset I had to miss a few days of school. Fortunately, Allen was just as saddened by the separation that he drove down to visit me once a week. We would go to the park, to see movies, and ride our bikes to the farmer’s market on…

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