The Death Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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King Claudius was so sad to hear that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern through all their efforts, were unable to get to the cause of hamlet’s distemper, so Claudius then became part of polonius’ scheme of spying on hamlet while he talks to Ophelia. Ophelia was supposed to confront Hamlet and to fake her love for him. The trap worked, but the following were quiet a disaster. Hamlet’s reaction was so far off from what Polonius believed was the cause of Hamlet’s distemper. His reaction was so deep that Claudius decided to send Hamlet to England, arguing that a change of environment would do Hamlet some good. However, Polonius, still believes that unrequited love was the origin of Hamlet’s distemper, and despite all the evidence, and verbal confirmation from Hamlet to the contrary, Polonius dissuaded Claudius, and insisted on spying on Hamlet once more before he is sent to England. Claudius then agreed with him.

Questions: How was spying on Hamlet sopped to help them figure out where his distemper is comming from? The spysing tactic was first introduced by Polonius to king Claudius. He believes that if they spy on him long enough, he would eventually show signs that will lead to them proving where his insanity is coming from. Polonius, really wanted to believe that Hamlet’s distemper is coming from the unrequited love from Ophelea. Why does he want to believe such?, I do not know, but maybe it 's because he wants to be part of getting him better. Suppose, Hamlet’s insanity was…

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