The Darkling Trush, Neutral Tones, And The Broken Appointment By Thomas Hardy

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There are many different types of poetry that differ in style as well as subject matter. There are poems that are easy to relate to and some that seem almost impossible to understand. Then, there are poems that have the ability to make you feel so deeply that you feel that maybe you yourself could even be the speaker. Thomas Hardy had the ability to write poetry in such a way that his audience felt exactly what the speaker of his poems felt. He achieved this through his expansive use of figurative language. Thomas Hardy’s poems, “The Darkling Thrush”, “Neutral Tones”, and “The Broken Appointment”, all share his love for figurative language, as well as a common dismal tone. The poem, “The Darkling Thrush” was written during the turn …show more content…
John Kincaid describes the poem best in an article titled, ‘You did not come’: Absence, Death, and Eroticism in Tess, saying, “The poem draws all its self-pitying power from that which was not (because it never is) to be: a joyous and fulfilling meeting with his lover—or what he thought was his lover—at the hope-hour—or what he thought was the hope-hour”(Kincaid). Hardy emphasizes these feelings mainly by repetition. In lines one and eight, he repeats the phrase, “You did not come” (Hardy, The Broken Appointment). He then does it again in lines nine and sixteen, this time repeating the phrase, “You love not me” (Hardy, The Broken Appointment). While the repetition Hardy uses does make a point and emphasizes the feelings of the speaker, Hardy’s change of meter and cadence allow the repetition to make its full effect. He begins and ends each of the stanzas with short four syllable phrases that are repetitive of each other. On the other hand, all of the other lines in the poem are ten syllables each. By changing the meter and cadence the reader can almost feel the speaker’s heart breaking as it is read. The repetition in the poem reinforces the hurt tone that the poem

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