Hell's Belles By Clark Secrest Essay

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Often times some historians have been writing just the heroic part of the history and what people want to hear, but often times forget to write the dark side of the history. Some of the dark side of history is what make a city or a country better. Knowing more about the what people did wrong in the past can inspire others to be better citizens. In the book Hell’s Belles, the editor Clark Secrest published at Boulder Co. in 2002 presents some of the dark parts of the history of Denver. The editor present some good evidence of how the early Denver was but also some of his work is not well explained and in some parts this book is repetitive. Secrest in this book presents evidence of the fist crimes, prostitution and the firs law enforcement …show more content…
It was not the best city, as many other at fist, it did not have what it was needed to be a city. The purpose of this book was to show the dark side of Denver, but also to promote the effort that people made to have a better city and consequently a better state. Thanks to all this effort that people in the past make for the Denver now “Denver ranks No. 1 on U.S. News & World Report’s list of the 2016 Best Places to Live” (McGhee no pg) . Thanks to all what people in the past who contributed to make Denver a better place; now is the best city where people can live. This book shows what others authors book would not tell about Denver or any other …show more content…
Although many of the information provided in this book was repetitive the book is engaging. Authors should also focus in witting about the dark side of the history of any culture city or country. Often time is important to know both sides of the history to be able to understand why the people of the certain parts or region act the way they do. Know different sides of the history people would be able to make their own conclusion on how and why events happened the way they did. The book is a good source to know more about the city of Denver and to be able to see the other side of

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