The Crucible, By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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It was a cold, somber Tuesday in Puritanical Boston. The clock had just struck 5 a.m. when I was starteledly awaken by the sounds of the rooster’s crow as dawn rose. I had never quite gotten used to this town since the moment I arrived, about a year ago, from my dear England. Alas, I reluctantly got up and strolled to the kitchen when I glimpsed out the window to find an enormous crowd gathered around the loathed wooden scaffold. I wasn’t too surprised, after all the people in this town had the tendency to be inquisitive especially one was publicly displayed as an ignominy on the scaffold, for the breaking of a commandment. Nonetheless, I had the perception that this was no ordinary scaffold trial. Staring closely, I saw the beautiful, strong willed face of Hester Prynne and clenching onto her hair, a baby held on her shoulder. However, what stood out the most was the beautifully embroidered scarlet letter A perfectly centered on her chest. Instantly I ran out of my cottage barefoot, into the frigid winds with only a petticoat under my robe, I knew what this all meant… Hester and I have known each other our entire lives as we were neighbors in England and our relationship was that of sisters. Hester was always a courageous child and very perseverant, everyone in our town knew she would grow up to be something special. There was a schism in out friendship at around the age of twelve when Hester began to change. By the time we were sixteen Hester demolished her reputation as…

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