The Creation Of The Universe And Human Beings Essay

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The Creation of the Universe and Human Beings
2. The relationship between divinity and human beings is that Yang represents masculinity and Yin represent femininity. Yang being the fire and light of the sun and Yin being the water. Both are needed in order for the survival of earth, just as men and women’s reproduction is the survival of the human species. Furthermore, they must of thought highly of human being since they made insect from dense and cloudy vapor and made human beings out of vapor that was pure.
1. Amaterasu is fully responsible for all fertility. She is the Sun god. Her presence allows the sun to shine, which in return allows the plants to grow for food. Without out her humans, animals, and the gods would die from starvation. In the story she became angry and locked herself in a cave. When she did this the universe was in total darkness. In the myth, they realize that without her the plants won’t grow; therefore, they do everything thing that they can think of to appease the goddess to come out of the cave so she will illuminate the world once again.
The Creation Cycle
3. Humankind, I feel like, in the portion of creating them, they were viewed preciously. They were loved by their mother, Dawn-Maiden, and father, Tane, which were gods. Even in the disturbing realization for Dawn-Maiden that Tane was her father, she did not seek wrath upon her children. Instead, she separated herself from her father and told him to take great care them. She would…

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