The Country Of North Korea Essay

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Imagine living in a country where all of your rights are limited, and you are living underneath surveillance 24/7. You cannot do anything about your situation because you are too fearful of the consequences of obtaining a different perspective and opinion of the way you are living. In the book 1984 George George Orwell depicts a story of a totalitarian government where the citizens are brainwashed to believe what the “Party”~higher authority tells them. The Party alters any information that can cause its members to rebel against them. And to keep order within the country “The Party” has its members under the surveillance and makes them participate in activities that will continue to brainwash them. But in this story, there is this character named Winston who is not oblivious to the Party ways, and he rebels secretly hoping he does not face the consequences of acting against the Party. The country of North Korea and the fictional society portrayed in the 1984 share similar dystopian characteristics including information, independent thought, and freedom, are restricted, figurehead worshipped by citizens,conform to uniform expectations;individuality and dissent are bad.
Dystopian societies give fallacies that everything is great and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The societies portray that by making the citizens of the society worship a figurehead, basically praising he/she/it for the “great circumstances they are in”. This characteristic applies to North…

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