The Cost Of Racial And Class Exclusion Within The Inner City By Loic Wacquant And William Wilson

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Tommy Pham
Summary of The Cost of Racial and Class Exclusion in the Inner City In The Cost of Racial and Class Exclusion in the Inner City by Loïc Wacquant and William Wilson, the two authors explore an “interrelated set of phenomena” that relates to social-structural and the issue of hyperghettoization due to the dramatic growth in joblessness and economic exclusion associated with the spatial and industrial restructuring of capitalism. The article is divided into subsections that specifically focus on social-structural, economical, and social capital aspects that categorizes citizens in the Chicago’s ghetto neighborhood as “underclass”. The article starts with describing the deindustrialization of the neighborhood and then moves on to the cost of living in the ghetto, class gender and welfare, differences in economic and financial capital, and social capital and poverty connection. The data and evidence gathered from the article should conclude the sets of exclusions have relations in isolating the citizens in Chicago’s ghetto neighborhoods. The article’s main argument is class and racial differences separate citizens of economical success and growing joblessness and economic exclusion. The article takes a different perspective by drawing attention to specific features of the proximate social structure and comparing the poverty and low-poverty area. This argument is framed based on the historical background of deindustrialization, leaving many citizens jobless…

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