The Contributions Of The Philosopher Essays

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Introduction Voltaire is one of the greatest philosophers and he was born in Francois- Marie Arouet in the year 1694. After a while, he interacted with various British philosophers who introduced him to enlightenment. In his works, he greatly considered Newton, Francis Bacon, and Locke as his heroes. It is evident that the philosopher greatly appreciated the liberal free society had been developed in England and its ideas greatly spread over the land. Additionally, the philosopher was greatly against the religious intolerances that were happening in France that made him to write the Henriade. Again, it is evident that he did not like the clergy and he is considered to have been very critical of the dogmas as well as the fanaticism that were attached to the clergy. He is considered to be the first philosopher in France to have attempted describing what natural religion was as a way of responding to the religious intolerance that was happening in France. The intolerances involved the protestant being accused falsely for murdering his son as a way of making him to stop joining the Roman Catholic. As a result of being so much against the religious intolerances that took place at his time, he went on and published the Treatise on Tolerance. In his publication, he outlined his specific type of deism and strongly believed that most of the crimes that were considered to be inhuman were as a result of religion. Additionally, it is important to note that through his various…

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