The Cons Of Marriage Is Equal For Women Essay

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The cons of marriage don’t outweigh the prospects of marriage, and given research; it agrees.

The con of marriage is equal for women and men as one cannot merely live without the other. Marriage had a different meaning for women and men; almost six decades ago. Women cannot bear heavy lifting, as that is a man’s job. Men don’t appreciate cleaning; because they wouldn’t be seen doing it since it is women’s work. During the nineteen-hundreds, marriage remained a necessity for women as they could not work for themselves. As a result; women needed to marry into a wealthy family. When a woman marries, she marries for money; therefore, she knows that she will be well taken care of. And soon shortly after his death she will inherit the solid earnings of her beloved. Men marry for the need sex while women for the simple need of having a family. Nevertheless, both genders need each other to fulfil what the other one wants. Men crave sex by being tempted by a woman’s beauty, however, being worked-up led to wanting to have sex, but he could not as he is not married. Deprived of sexual release from a woman he must work even harder (no pun intended). Additionally to reassure the women he chose that he is worthy of sleeping with her. Furthermore, providing her with financial and emotional security to offset the start of a good marriage. He will have to earn the trust of her as well as her parents, definitely her father. In addition, he now has to court her for a while, and propose the…

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