The Complete Adventures Of Peter Rabbit Analysis

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The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit written by Beatrix Potter is a tale following a young mischievous rabbit who loves getting into all kinds of trouble. The collection of stories is simple and humorous making it ideal for children, but has hidden messages that give children a glance at the real world. By using animals to introduce these harsh conditions such as death and greed to children, the truth is less severe which helps kids understand without scaring them. In the first story, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit,” Potter introduces death through the bunnies’ late father. ““Now, my dears,’ said old Mrs. Rabbit one morning, “you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don’t go into Mr. McGregors garden: your Father had an accident there; he was put into a pie by Mrs. McGregor.”” While Potter doesn’t directly state it, it’s clear the father was killed because he entered the McGregor’s garden. However, because she writes that he was put into a pie, this turns what would be a saddening situation into a silly event. Of course, children know that when someone dies, they are not baked into a dessert. By using this method of making death a little more humorous and a little less …show more content…
There are kids who lose their parents when they’re very young, similar to Peter and his siblings, and this book is an excellent example of that. It makes it easy for the child to relate and understand that there are other people who also experience this. Also, as stated before, children are greedy and selfish. Not because they’re bad children, but they don’t know any better and still have much to learn. This book uses Peter Rabbit’s greed to exhibit what will happen when you get too caught up in your life and forget to stay humble and

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