The Compelling, Wisdom Packed Film Atonement Essay example

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The compelling, wisdom packed film Atonement, directed by Joe Wright. Inspired from the novel by Ian McEwan illustrates the ideas of class, money, repression, and creativity. Due to these issues some of the characters’ lives change for the worse. These characters were stuck trying to fix what went wrong in their lives, they were stuck to atone for the mistakes they had made. Briony, who is the youngest daughter of an aristocrat family, makes a false accusation that she witnessed Robbie raping a girl. It so happens that Robbie, the middle class man she accused, is the person who her older sister Cecilia is in love with. This provides insight on how people are quick to jump to accusations and point fingers, regardless if they are definite that the claim their making is true or not. Also, demonstrating the power that money has on people when they find themselves to be in a tough situation as this one. Considering that Briony, who is a young naïve rich girl, was extremely confident in the accusation she made because of all the power she knew she had over someone like Robbie who was in a lower class than her. Incidents like these make the film compelling and insightful about what it means to be alive during the 1930’s. Overall, I was able to gain a good depiction about the people who lived in Britain in the 1930’s after WW1 as well as the history of that era.
To be wealthy meant that you had power and social classes played an important role in this society because it dictated…

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