Essay about The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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As you read Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple you see the main character, Celie, “a terrorized and passive girl” (Lewis), grow as a person. She grows into a strong woman, whom can express her feelings. Weather that is her learning more about the world through her sister Nettie, or her trying to be strong like her step-daughter-in-law Sofia.
But one thing I have noticed is that the book also explores her sexuality. Through the book Celie is sexually assaulted, raped, and abused throughout her life. That all changes when she meets Shug Avery, an ex-lover of Celie’s husband. A woman whom she has been infatuated with for a long time. Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple is about a girl named Celie. She comes from an horrible, abusive home and is pushed into an unwanted marriage by her father, to a man called Mister. Though her new husband 's real name is never use I have found that it “diminishes their patriarchal authority” (Helgar). I found that as an interesting though since Walker wrote this novel as a story to empower women. Mister originally wanted to marry Celie’s sister, Nettie. As Nettie leaves, she says she will write to Celie no matter what. But, Celie never receives a letter. Celie grows in Misters home, finding a person who actually cares about her, a woman named Shug. As the story goes, Celie learns about new things and becomes a stronger version of herself. Walker writes Celie’s life as a young child as a horrid, nightmarish reality that still happens…

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