The Color Of Water By James Mcbride Essay

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Eric Jacobson
Eng 2
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The Color of Water
In the incredible autobiography about a black child and his white mother who live in a black community during the civil rights movement is written, James McBride. James writes about the values of society and culture by focusing on his white mother being treated differently for being white in a black neighborhood raising black children. Being a white mother with black children was very frowned upon back in the 1960s. This created many conflicts with Ruth and James and the other McBride siblings. The cultural differences confused people outside of the family. The autobiography has many underlying themes such as exclusion as a result of racial and religious difference, his struggle with identity and past versus present. James’s goal while writing his book was to show how strong and powerful his mother was and he did a great job by adding breathtaking moments in his life.
During the time period when James was a child black people were treated then less than human. He was treated differently wherever he went especially when he went places with his white mother. It was considered that an interracial family was an awful family and wrong. Even though Ruth tried to keep her children isolated and away from society. The McBride children were still excluded from school and basically life. “I was the only black in fifth grade class at P.S. I38 then all white enclave of Rosedale, Queens in one afternoon as the teacher…

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