Essay on The Civil War And American History

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The Civil War is one of the most prominent events in American History and is an event that most Americans are familiar with, at least on a conceptual level. The Civil War, like many conflicts was not just a bout of petty squabbling that escalated into warfare, but a more complex event that was affected by a number of factors. It was more than a war over the continuation or abolishment of slavery. It was a clash of cultures expressed through legislation, literature, personal and societal conflict, and, eventually, war. These expressions of disagreement would either instigate or mitigate the growing conflict until verbal discussion broke down and gave way to physical conflict. The base of the conflict that would later lead to the civil war was the cultural and economic differences between the two sides: the North and the South. These differences lead to very different structures of societies and views. At this time, these differences between the North and South made them appear to be more like different countries than different sections of the same nation.
The North was more industrially based and work for most northerners was hourly factory work. Their hours and where/whether they worked was dependent on the factory they were employed at. They were more likely to solve conflicts in court and were okay with accepting more federal regulation in exchange for funding for canals, railroads, and factories. Finally, they, being industrial, relied on machines for much of…

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