The Civil War : A Fight For Freedom Essay

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In 1619, twenty blacks were brought to Jamestown colony. From inception, black presence in the Americas has been characterized by prenatal alienation, gratuitous violence, and a harsh form of bondage. A result of increasing tensions between the North and South over sectionalist issues such as slavery, the Civil War represented a critical turning point in the history of United States. For some, the Civil War was seen as a fight to uphold states rights while for others, the Civil War was seen as a fight for inherent civil liberties and the emancipation of the slaves. While the political reforms following the Civil War theoretically should have brought about significant improvements in the rights of Black Americans, it would take over a century for progressive and moral reform to finally be realized. During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln enacted the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 that freed African American slaves in the rebelling states. Lincoln, a outward spoken leader against the doctrine of slavery, sought to enact the proclamation for the single fundamental reason to transform the Civil War to a war for liberty and morality. A byproduct of the proclamation, although a victory for African Americans, left the nation in a dilemma in which liberated slaves were constantly confronted by unaccepting and highly conservative whites in the South. Houston Hartsfield Holloway testifies to the issue: "For we colored people did not know how to be free and the white…

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