Essay on The Causes, Diagnosis And Cure Of Psychological Maladies

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It is easy to see how and why we have a variety of ideas regarding the cause, diagnosis and cure of psychological maladies. The complexity of the human brain is beyond our current level of understanding, so it makes sense that we have difficulties in determining what causes it to malfunction. In the case of my chosen subject (who I will refer to as Ryan), there are a variety of conditions which he struggled to comprehend. Ryan didn’t become aware of his psychological condition until he attempted to commit suicide. Ryan failed, but after his failed suicide he began experiencing a variety of ailments. He became abusive of drugs and alcohol to combat the depression and anxiety he felt. As these ailments progressed to minor phobias and compulsive behaviors, Ryan sought therapy. It was discovered through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy that Ryan had repressed memories from a traumatic event in his past where his mother was committed to a long term mental health facility.
Knowing that his mother had been diagnosed with a severe personality disorder, Ryan began to fear a genetic predisposition to his mother’s dissociative personality disorder. Ryan decided to seek professional help. Upon doing so, it was revealed to Ryan that he had been suffering from a dissociative personality disorder with signs of schizophrenia. He did not realize much of his day to day interactions were laced with visual and auditory hallucinations. Treatment was a long process…

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