World War Two: The Deadliest Conflict In History

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World war two was the deadliest and global war that started from 1939 – 1945, although hand to hand combat started later in the years. This war included almost all the nations in the world, as well as all the “greatest nations”, eventually becoming two great sides forming the Axis and Allies. It’s been the biggest worldwide war in history. It involved more than one- hundred thousand people, including millions of civilians that died innocently in many occasions like the Holocaust (were about eleven million people were killed) and the industrial bombing of cities including the (Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan), the estimate of casualties of innocent people was around fifty- million too eighty five- million victims. These cases made World War Two the deadliest conflict in history. On the year 1933 was when all of the conflicts started; Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany and started planning his projects for war. During mid 1933, the Nazis in Germany opened the first concentration camp and started the killing of the Jews. Everyone was convinced that it was for a good purpose. Since Hitler main purpose of the expansion was for the Aryan race (a racial grouping commonly used in the period of the late 19th century to the mid-20th century to describe the peoples of European and Western Asian heritage of a specific height, hair and eye color(mostly Germans)), almost the whole nation supported him. On august 1934, Hitler was appointed chancellor by majority of votes; this is when the real action happened and everyone started to realize how Hitler really was. In 1935, the Jews were completely stripped of rights by the Nuremberg race laws, in which they had no …show more content…
The estimate of casualties of this war was 24,000,000 military and 49,000,000 civilians with the total of 73,000,000. With the rest of our fellow Christians we pray that never would there be another world

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