Essay about The Camel 's Back By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Many people think that finding true love is a piece of cake. They expect to quickly find their significant other and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, there is no perfect love story, because love is unpredictable. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, born in 1896 “was a writer very much of his own time (Donaldson). Fitzgerald’s “happy endings and bittersweet romances transcend the genre because they spring from his own experiences” (Bucker). He used many literary elements and rhetorical ways to convey the lessons of his novels. One main element that Fitzgerald was known for was irony. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jazz Age American Author, masters the use of dramatic, and verbal irony in “Porcelain and Pink” and dramatic, verbal and situational irony in “The Camel’s Back” to reveal the troubles of finding true love. At a young age F. Scott Fitzgerald felt that “boy-girl relationships amounted to a kind of contest in which there could only be one winner. There is evidence that he regarded man-women relationships much the same way” (Donaldson). In regards to his relationships, Fitzgerald thought he had found his true love during the party season of Saint Paul. Donaldson stated that they dated a few times but eventually Fitzgerald lost her. The losing of his possible soulmate can relate to the plot of “The Camel’s Back.” By 1920 he was engaged to the charming Zelda Sayre, “…a belle of shocking unconventional behavior” (Donaldson). According to Bruccoli, she transpired in being a…

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