The Bread Givers : The Story Of The Smolinsky 's Essay

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In the “Bread Givers” the story of the Smolinsky’s was set on Hester Street in lower Manhattan after immigrating to the U.S. In this house patriarchy was the rule of the day, where Reb Smolinsky dishes out is absolute power and savagery and small-mindedness on his wife and four daughters where he displayed his patriarchal rule and dominance. Mr. Smolinsky epitomizes the old the old world Russian Judaism tradition and values, he forces his family to work and provide for him while he rejected the notion of working, since his only job was devoted to studying the Torah in synagogue every day of his life and be closer, even if that means his daughters and wife must live under deplorable and disgusting condition.
Nothing is wrong with studying the Torah or any other religious books but as a man and the head of the house he should be proving for his family, instead of his wife and daughters. Reb Smolinsky got the best of everything his wife and children work for, he had the best room for himself, for his books, for study and for prayers, by adding insult to injury he also had the best of the food in the house when it was finished cooking, “the fat from the soup and top of the milk was always or him” (pg. 10) while everyone else had the to eat the left overs and was the ones who were working and proving for him to get the best out it.
His wickedness consists of insults and arrogance, while his was worrying about where she will get money to pay the rent and where is the next meal…

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