Essay on The Book Dracula By Bram Stoker

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The book Dracula by Bram Stoker is about a lawyer named Jonathan Harker, who travels to the Mountains of Transylvania to arrange a real estate deal with Count Dracula, who lives in a medieval castle. When the Count sees a picture of Harker 's fiancée Mina, he tells Jonathan Harker to write to her, saying that he will stay on for a couple of weeks longer. While Jonathan is locked up in the castle, the Count travels to London to meet Mina, who he believes is the reincarnation of his wife. He then imprisons Jonathan in his castle, where he is nearly killed by three female vampires.
Dracula visits London and as time goes on works his spells on Mina, coming ever closer to seducing her. He is met with a many types of challenges like Jonathan, who has escaped from the castle, and Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, who knows Dracula, is a vampire and also knows how to defeat him. With the help of the group formed with Jonathan, Van Helsing and Quincy they work on trying to destroy Dracula 's only resting place, his coffin, the place Dracula has to return to every night.
There are a variety of gothic things in this text used to create a gothic setting in the in the story as well as provide the gothic feeling of evil and isolation. A few of the gothic tones in this book give the the sense of gloom, mystery and suspense, which is shown by Jonathon and his opinion of the doors which were all locked. This creates the gothic feeling of mystery due to it’s sense secrets which is a tone of the…

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