The Body Weight Of The Average Woman Essay

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The healthy body weight of the average woman is about one hundred and fifty four pounds. The models and actresses seen in media such as magazines, television, and social media advertisements look significantly less than one hundred and fifty four pounds. The reason being that these models have been photo shopped with the technology provided today. The access to technology provides people the opportunity to take an overweight, eighty year old women with black hair and make her an underweight, sixteen year old with beach blonde hair. Many of the models seen in magazines and on television do not actually look just like their photo. Odds are if one were to see the model in person, they would not recognize them at first glance. The media does not help the self-esteem and self-images that teens have on themselves. Seeing celebrities being ridiculed for their weight gain, psychologically affects teens in a way where they believe they need to lose weight or change their appearance. Thinness has become the ideal image of beauty. The majority of women and teenage girls’ beauty knowledge comes from reading beauty and fashion magazines where the women portrayed in the images are the “ideal” women. A number of the women who read such magazines want to change the way they look because they have become unhappy with their bodies. They feel they do not look like the perfect women, who are tall, skinny, and blonde. The media sets unrealistic standards for beauty that most women and girls…

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