The Birth Of Tragedy And Theatre Essay

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It is understood that the birth of tragedy and theatre itself occurred in Athens during the sixth century BC. It was in this era and society where drama began to flourish and follow through till a golden age, as the Athenians created a new spring festival called the Great, or City Dionysia. (Brown, 1995, 14). The festival of Dionysus had "developed from older local festivals which celebrated the fermentation of new wine" (Brown, 1995, 14), although it essentially celebrated the Greek god, Dionysus, who was the god of wine and fertility. It was here that theatre began as a religious festival, which included music, song, and dance competitions and other activities such as athletics. The Athenians introduced two contests to the festival, the dithyramb and tragedy. The dithyramb was considered to be an intricate song about Dionysus and wasn 't original to the festival. On the otherhand Tragoidia was a newly created Athenian art form that originated from the Great Dionysia. (Brown, 1995, 14). This event involved three dramatists who would compete annually to compose and put on three tragedies each, one of these tragedies being, Medea. Tragedies were notorious for female protagonists, however, Euripides (480-406 B.C.), Medea used a female protagonist for different purpose, to challenge and question the role of women within Greek society. This tragedy explores Medea 's unconditional love for her husband, Jason, after he leaves her for Glauce, the princess of…

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