Essay on The Balance Between Happiness And Rightfulness

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The Balance That Leads To Fulfilment The key to a fulfilling life is found in the balance between happiness and rightfulness. One must search for pleasure while simultaneously maintaining a staunch moral compass and a tenacious respect for his fellow man. It is of dire importance that man cause no harm to his peers in his pursuit of happiness. It is this avoidance of wickedness, as Socrates put it, which leads to a fulfilling life. The harmony gained from doing the right thing is a key component of happiness. In order to be truly happy, one also must be just. Happiness itself can be defined as the state joy and fulfilment. However, there are many factors that lead up to this ultimate bliss, and pinpointing which factors hold the most value is up for discussion. Some philosophers such as Socrates believe that happiness stems from an understanding of the true form of things. In other words, precise knowledge is the key to happiness. This principle is held by most philosophers, however some go into further detail, claiming that it is what you do with this knowledge that determines your worth. Immanuel Kant applies this knowledge to ethics, putting inherent value on individual actions. He holds that in every scenario there is a correct action; that is an action with an outcome that causes no harm. Whether this action is “right” or not is a separate matter. Kant holds that if an action is unjust in one scenario, it is unjust in all scenarios. Lying for example. Kant believes…

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