The As A Progressive Series Of Our Time Essay

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Bones can be considered a progressive series of our time. It is a forensic anthropologist called Dr.Temperance Brennan. She is a woman that solves murders with her team at the Jeffersonian. Her partner is called Agent Booth from the FBI. The TV series can be described as being sexist yet Misogyny. In this paper, I will deconstruct each character with sociological lenses. It will analyze how each character reacts to others and events. It will demonstrate how the show has objectified women and justified objection among strong female characters. The main character of the show, Dr.Temperance Brennan, is represented as a profoundly intelligent and knowledgeable woman who has a robot like and emotionless attitude throughout all the seasons. This show does an excellent job in showing that women cannot process both her intelligence and emotions since "they are unable to possess both." The typical white privilege stereotype is presented in her character. For example, she is white, very prosperous, at the top of her profession and world-renowned. Nevertheless, all of these apparently positive things are not depicted as such. She is seen as being troubled regardless of all of her success. She eventually achieved her happiness after she married and had a child. Her character on the show is downplayed because she always has an answer for everything. To her colleagues, especially the male ones, she is almost considered annoying. She is viewed as not being very ladylike and typically…

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