The Article ' Degrees Of Freedom Essay

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The article “Degrees of Freedom: Slavery in Mid-First Millennium BC Babylonia” the author, H.D. Baker examines slaves of the Egibi family in Babylonia throughout the sixth and fifth centuries BC. Baker points out the status of slaves, the ways of gaining slaves, the freeing of slaves, the work and the age of beginning to work for slaves, the escaping of slaves, and the ownership of slaves by women. While there is not a lot mentioned in the status of slaves, it is made clear that there different levels of slaves even among themselves. Slaves could come to reside in a house through a slave being born in that house, which most were as revealed by the sales of whole families, as well as a slave who was purchased; Baker brings up the topic of enslavement in which a free citizen could for a maximum of three years be forced into a debt bondage in order to settle their debts. also points out that upon the transaction of a slave there often would be a clause which guarantees that said slave was not part of a higher class within society. The Manumission, or freeing of a slave, is also examined from the drawling to the keeping to prove one’s statues, as well as the conditions that could be placed on a person in order to maintain their state of freedom. The identification of slaves is also brought forward from the giving of names to slaves to the marking of slaves on one’s hand or ear. Work of slaves including the age in which slave children would start working, in addition the…

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