The Arena At The Alliant Energy Center Essay

1777 Words Apr 28th, 2016 null Page
The room is bursting with energy–vendors sell their ware, people mingle, and the sound of music and dancing fills the room. The On Wisconsin Annual Spring Powwow presented by Wunk Sheek and the University of Wisconsin-Madison has officially begun. The Arena at the Alliant Energy Center has been split to create two sections, on one side merchants have set up booths where they are selling anything from beaded jewelry to food. The other side of the room has been transformed into an arena area, a large red, square mat covers the floor. People sitting on chairs and in the bleachers surround the mat hoping to get a good view of the action. The arena is where all of the dancing and music is performed during the Powwow. It is considered a sacred area and must be treated with respect. Only performers should step into the arena and observers are asked to refrain from profanity and inappropriate behaviors when nearby. The arena is filled with dancers dressed in traditional, colorful regalia. The regalia varies by dance but often has geometric patterns or beading and is often ornamented with moving objects that add to the dance quality. Dancing is an important part of Native American culture; this is evident by the centrality of dance at the Powwow. The room is filled with the sound of drumming and singing. The drummers and singers sit in a circle around a large drum. The drum keeps a fairly consistent beat throughout each piece. Often, the drum will come in first and then be…

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