The Analytical View Of Technology Communication Essay

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TTYL: Translating Technology into Your Language
The Analytical View of Technology Communication
Derek Walcott once said, “The English language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself” (BrainyQuote, par 1). Language comes in many beautiful forms from every area around the world, summing up to about roughly 6,500 spoken languages today. One language that our generation has become familiar with is the language of technology. With the growing use of technology that this generation operates on, the language grows with it also. Our exposure to technology has influenced our everyday language, by means of behaviors, norms, and standards. Technology does not only play a role in language itself, but also through our behaviors. An advantage of technology is the feeling of comfort – people are less shy when communicating through technology. You can have two teens texting each other all night but when it comes to making face-to-face contact, suddenly there is a withdrawal in communication. This can also prove to be a disadvantage of technology – we end up lacking in human interaction. This lack of contact could possibly be the reason why we over exaggerate our emotions when communicating through technology. You can text someone “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!” as though it is the funniest joke you have heard in the whole world when in reality you are completely indifferent. As a society, we tend to rely a great amount on…

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