Essay on The American Revolution

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After a in-depth analysis of the American Revolution, I have come to the conclusion that the Revolution was an exaggerated version of English citizens and their emphasis on liberty and freedom in British society; the government in place during and after the American Revolution was a melting pot of half Monarchy and half Democracy. Historian Gordon S. Wood’s claims in the 1992 book entitled The Radicalism of the American Revolution that “if we measure the radicalism by the amount of social change that actually took place—by transformations in the relationships that bound people to each other—then the American Revolution was not conservative at all; on the contrary: it was as radical and as revolutionary as any in history.” His claim is very clear and defined that there was no substantial social change for any members of society besides the Elite white male class of entitled men. Contrary to Wood’s claim, the democracy and republicanism of the era was still new and revolutionary. The founding fathers did look to make a change; however, it was not as revolutionary as it could have been. Though revolutionaries wanted to radically change society by the standards of the period, they ultimately hoped to replace one society of dependency with another. “The task before the Americans was not to restore a good state of affairs they once had enjoyed [pre-American Revolution]— it was to abandon their old ways so they could build a republic of their own.”1 Other members of society,…

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